Freight Collab Platform Benefits

Exclusive Network

Freight Collab only accepts a limited Premium Members as Freight Sellers per country.

Unlimited Buyers

Unlimited freight buyers increase the chance of bringing new valid businesses for Premium members.

Connect Digitally 

Take your agency activities to the next level by streamlining your communication with freight collab members.

Global Presence

Present your company in the most visionary global digital freight platform.

Develop Business

Build strong relationships and develop business in an active and exclusive network.


Freight Collab Premium members can post on FCWall, and we’ll share it on the wall and email over 5,000 freight and logistics companies.

Digital Bookings

Get and give freight bookings digitally to increase productivity and visibility on freight bookings. 


Instantly receive, pay and transfer int’l freight payments by credit or debit cards. Learn More

How Does it Work?

Limited Number of Premium members per country

To ensure the Freight Collab platform's quality, reliability and competitiveness, We only accept a limited number of Freight and Logistics companies per country as premium members. It helps us to nurture a family-like relationship between our premium members and monitor the members' reliability, speed and quality of their services. Also, it assures premium members a high chance of winning business.

Unlimited Verified Freight Buyers

Freight Collab is not only helps freight and logistics companies to find reliable agents, it also helps global trading and manufacturing companies to get their best freight services from the Freight Collab premium members. Freight Collab platform accepts unlimited trading and manufacturing companies as freight buyers to increase the chance of bringing new valid business for our Premium members.

Receive Enquiries from Freight Collab members

The goal of all Freight and Logistics companies is to increase their sales and Freight Collab is the best platform for this goal. As a Premium Member, you can receive Freight Enquiries from all members of Freight Collab. The members are Freight and Logistics companies and also Trading and manufacturing companies that need Freight and logistics services.

Send Multiple Freight Enquiry with one click

Freight Collab goal is to enhance the business collaboration of their members by using latest technology. as a Freight Collab member, you can send any type of freight enquiry with one single click to multiple members of Freight Collab. It helps you to get the rates faster and find the best service provider for your shipments.

Compare Freight Quotes and Make Digital contracts

The freight collab ability to compare freight quotes by multiple vendors and make digital contracts offers cost savings, increased efficiency, better transparency, and improved accuracy. It streamlines the logistics process, reduces manual work, and makes it easier to identify the most cost-effective shipping options. Frieght Collab Digital contracts also increase transparency and reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

Collaborate on Enquires and Shipments

The collaboration tools of the Freight Collab platform, which includes messaging and document sharing on enquiries and shipments, offers several benefits over email communications. These include real-time communication, enhanced security, and structured data storage. Additionally, Freight Collab provides a more structured way of storing and retrieving data related to enquires and shipments, making it easier to access and analyze information quickly and efficiently. The collaboration tools of the Freight Collab can save time and enhance overall productivity and visibility leading to more effective management of agency activity.

Priority on Search

As a Freight Collab Premium member, you can present your company in the most visionary and futuristic Freight and Logistics network on top of other companies with the golden "Premium Member" badge, which gives you a prestigious position and a higher chance of winning new businesses.

Search and connect with members

The Freight Collab platform gathers the most reliable, active, visionary freight and logistics companies from over 80 countries. As a Freight Collab Premium member, you can search for new agents based on the country, company name, or services you need and connect with the members to start collaborating with them.


All businesses start with a Hello!
The messaging section of the Freight Collab Platform enables Premium Members to message their partners. It helps them to start to know each other, promote their services, and easily ask questions.

Special Access to OFreight® software

OFreight® is a user-friendly, innovative and collaborative single and multi-branch freight forwarding software which enables you to manage all aspects of your air, sea, land and multimodal freight forwarding business from sales and operation to accounting and payments while connecting you to all your business stakeholders including customers, vendors, branches and agents through a user-friendly dashboard. Freight Collab Premium members have special access to OFreight® which enable them to groiw their business faster and easier.

Analytics & Reports

What gets measured gets managed", so we provide all analytics and reports from the platform and your agency activity to manage your agency business better and more efficiently. Analytics and reports are crucial tools for freight agencies, as they provide valuable insights into the agency's performance and help identify areas for improvement. By having access to real-time data on shipments and carriers, agencies can track the progress of deliveries and identify potential issues before they become major problems. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and ensure that shipments are delivered on time and in the most efficient way possible.
In addition, analytics and reports can help freight agencies to optimize their operations by identifying trends and patterns in their data.

Certificate, Digital verification Code and Signature Badges

The Freight Collab Premium membership certificate provides a tangible recognition of the members' commitment to their professional development and can be a valuable addition to their professional portfolio.
Freight Collab's digital verification code, allows for easy and secure verification of the Freight Collab Premium membership and credentials, adding an extra layer of credibility and trustworthiness to the Freight Collab members. Premium membership signature badges can also be a powerful marketing tool, helping promote the Freight Collab members' expertise and credibility. By adding the badge to their email signature or social media profiles, Freight Collab premium members can showcase their professional achievements and enhance their brand.

Free Webinars

Freight Collab webinars provide a convenient way to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies and developments in the Freight and logistics industry. By attending Freight Collab webinars, you can learn from industry experts and gain insights to help you to make better business decisions. Freight Collab Webinars can also help professionals in the freight network expand their network by connecting with other professionals in the industry. They can ask questions, share ideas and experiences, and build relationships with peers.

Seminars, Conferences and Events

Freight Collab Seminars, conferences, and events provide a valuable opportunity for the members to gain insights and knowledge that can help them improve their skills and knowledge and stay up-to-date with industry developments. Freight Collab gatherings provide an opportunity for members to meet and connect, build relationships, and establish new partnerships. Freight Collab Events can also offer a platform for members to showcase their services to a broader audience. By participating in exhibitions or panel discussions, members can increase their visibility and raise awareness of their brand among potential clients or partners.

Building Strong Relationship

The Freight Collab platform promotes trust and transparency by facilitating real-time data sharing and coordination, laying the foundation for more robust business relationships. Furthermore, by incorporating live events and conferences, members can engage in face-to-face interactions, deepening connections and fostering a cohesive freight community. This synergy of digital and live interactions makes it a powerhouse for relationship-building among the Freight Collab premium members.

We are working tirelessly to bring future technology to the freight forwarding, shipping, and logistics industry. Stay tuned.

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