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Messaging is one of the most important parts of the Freight forwarderding, Logistics, and Transportation companies’ job. 

In the Freight Forwarding Agency Activity (FFAA), Freight forwarders are communicating with their overseas agents and branches about general subjects like introducing their company and services or checking the possibility of a shipment or service. 

Freight Collab developed a messaging tool that is specially designed for Freight Forwarding Agency Activity (FFAA) Business to Business(B2B) communication to make messaging easier and more convenient for Freight forwarders, logistics, and transportation companies.

Freight Collab also enables Freight forwarders to exchange messages on each enquiry and shipment but this messaging tool is for general communication without any specific subject and so don’t confuse this messaging/Chat tool with enquiry and shipment collaboration messages.

To start Chat and sending general messages with your connected agents:

  1. Go to my Agents Section -> then select My Agents
  2. Find the agent that you want to start Chat with (Check the Premium Member badge of the agent in order to make sure that the member is verified)
  3. Click on Chat Bottom

After clicking on Chat bottom, you’ll go to the Messaging Section of Freight Collab that enables you to chat with your selected agent.

According to the below image from the Messaging Section:

  1. Check the Premium Membership Badge of the selected agent to ensure the agent is verified.
  2. Anytime you can click on “Send Enquiry” bottom to send an enquiry to the selected agent.
  3. You can see the contact details and Email address of the agent
  4. The numbers show your unread messages. These numbers will be disappeared automaticly after you select the message.

We are working tirelessly to bring future technology to the freight forwarding, shipping, and logistics industry. Stay tuned.

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